Procedures for Nursery Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to work in our church nursery. Your volunteerism is of great service and ministry to our young children, and to our church. We are grateful you chose to serve us this way. Here are a few procedures we ask you follow:

1. First, in the event you need help of any kind, please find a deacon or a nursery coordinator. We are all happy to help you. There are phone numbers listed at the bottom as well. But feel free to send a volunteer to find one of us if needed.

2. We encourage two volunteers to work in the nursery. This could even be a teen with either a parent or other PRPC member over the age of 18. At this time, we do not have the amount of children warranting more volunteers in the nursery. In the event that changes, then we will absolutely re-evaluate the requirement.

3. When signing up for the nursery, it would be of great help to the nursery coordinators to find another person to sign up with you ( A spouse, a friend, even a teen helper ). If you are signed up to work, and no one else is signed up with you, please see if you can find someone to work with you. (Or you can always contact a deacon or nursery coordinator for help).

4. Kindly arrive a few minutes early to open the nursery and be available for parents dropping their children off before church begins.

5. Please check every baby’s diaper before they leave the nursery. PRPC provides diapers in the event that a parent forgot to bring extra.

6. If you feel a child is inconsolable, do not hesitate to bring them to their parents. Or contact a deacon or nursery coordinator to help you. This is also pertinent if you feel a child may be sick.

7. Please stay in the nursery even if no children are present. Parents may choose to drop their children off later in the service.

8. Wipe toys off with disinfecting wipes when the service is over.

9. If you are unable to work on your scheduled Sunday or need to cancel, please do your best to find a substitute. If you are unable to find a substitute, please contact a nursery coordinator. We are happy to help you and will find coverage in the event you are unable to make it.

Again, your willingness to volunteer in the nursery is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for and needing volunteers. Please check the nursery sign up on the WIC table periodically. Thank you.

In Christ,

The Nursery Coordinators

Mary Beth Denney: 636.226.5630 (Call or Text),

Reminder: If your child is sick or possibly sick, do not place them in the nursery.

Thank you for serving our little ones!