Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20

Blake Purcell - St. Petersburg Russia

Blake and Cathy Purcell with their three children moved to Leningrad in 1990 and became one of the first Evangelical missionaries allowed to live in the Soviet Union post the Communist Revolution of 1917.

Blake Purcell:

  • Born in Texas in 1958. Dedicated his life to ministry for Christ in 1974 in Mount Vernon, Virginia.
  • Graduated from Texas A&M. Served as an officer in the United States Infantry before going into full-time ministry with the Navigators at the United States Air Force Academy in 1984.
  • Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America in 1998 as a teaching elder (minister) of the Gospel.
  • Founded the Reformed Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg and the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg in 1999.
  • Has preached on missions in churches in 20 states, Scotland and Canada.

The Purcells were blessed with three more children after they moved to the Soviet Union; Lewis, 16, Zachary, 14, and Laura, 10, are living in Russia with their parents. Emily, 23, teaches in an inner city school in Dallas, Tx; Graham, 21, and John Mark, 19, attend college in the USA.

Emad & Michelle Mikhail - Egypt

Emad and Michelle Mikhail have been serving in Egypt since 1990. Emad's family immigrated to the US in 1967. When he became a believer, he immediately felt called to go back to Egypt. Michelle is a missionary kid from India and grew up with a heart for ministry and missions. They have three adult children: Joanna, Amira and David. Emad and Michelle's primary work in Egypt at this time consists of working with two church plants, and teaching/managing the Great Commission College.

Wes Baker - Peru Missions

Rev. Wes Baker, from New Braunfels, Texas, lives and works in Trujillo. He teaches in the seminary, mentors ministerial candidates and church planters, and is assistant editor of publications. Wes is an ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Wes and his wife Jami have seven children.

 Learn more about Wes Baker's ministry and the Peru Mission here.

Garrett Craw - Santa Clarita, CA


Garrett Craw is pastor of Christ Church in Santa Clarita, California.  He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but spent most of his early life traveling the world as an army brat. While serving in the Marine Corps he was converted to Christianity and felt a call to enter pastoral ministry. He also currently serves as chaplain for Marine Corps League Detachment 597, a veteran's organization.

Garrett is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis and enjoys a robust espresso, good jazz, a fine cigar, and great conversation.  The Craw family were members of Providence when they were in St. Louis during seminary.

He is happily married to Michele and they have four children: Christiana, Ethan, Elizabeth, and Celeste.

Jamison Galt - Brooklyn, NY


The Galt family were members of Providence while Jamison was in seminary at Covenant.  The Galts moved to Brooklyn in the Summer of 2006 from St. Louis, after Jamison and Laura completed Masters degrees there at Covenant Theological Seminary. Jamison is on staff at Park Slope Church as an Assistant Pastor and church planting apprentice, having been ordained on Pentecost Sunday, 2007. He also participated in Redeemer Manhattan’s church planting Fellows’ program in 2007-2008. Recently, the Galts have moved into the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn to work towards beginning a new church in that community. You can find more information about their new church plant here.

Jamison Galt is the founding pastor of Resurrection Clinton Hill. He grew up all over the United States, eventually graduating from The University of Texas at Austin and Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He ministered from 2006 to 2010 as an assistant pastor at Resurrection Park Slope, during which time he completed Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan’s church planting Fellows Program under Pastor Timothy Keller and others. Jamison was ordained here in Brooklyn on Pentecost Sunday, 2007. For fun Jamison likes to cook, write, make music, attend immersive theater, and bike all over NYC.

Jamison has been married to Laura since 2001. Laura also received her master’s degree from Covenant Seminary and is a former campus ministry intern with Reformed University Ministries. They have four children: twins Arthur and Adaline, and Tihun and Solomon whom they adopted from Ethiopia in 2010. The entire Galt family loves Clinton Hill and plans to be here for a very long time.

Here is an article on the Galt's church planting effort in Clinton Hill from World Magazine.

Dan Young - Mexican Border


Dan grew up in Ft. Collins, CO and accepted Christ while in high school. Through the local church, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Reformed University Ministries, Dan grew in his faith. After studying in Spain and attending Urbana, Dan sensed a call to missions, and studied Bible and theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.

Becky grew up in St. Louis, and accepted Christ through the witness of a VBS teacher. She attended a Christian high school and Wheaton College. She met Dan while studying for a Masters in Art Education at the University of Missouri.

After they married, Dan and Becky worked with youth and young couples through MTW/Impact for two years in Cusco, Peru. After their work in Peru, God confirmed Dan and Becky in ministry to Spanish-speaking people. In 1990, they were called to join BEAMM in Juárez, Mexico. There they started a church plant called Gracia y Paz (Grace and Peace) in 1997. They have now turned the pastorate of this church over to another BEAMM team member, Josue Mayo.

The Youngs have now moved to El Paso, Texas to participate in multicultural church planting there. Dan also teaches at the San Pablo Seminary in Juárez, while pursuing a Masters in Border History at the University of Texas at El Paso. Becky is counseling once a week at Crises Pregnancy Services. Dan and Becky have four adult children - Benjamin, Will, Rachel, and Lisa.

Brian Steadman - Brooklyn, NY


Brian and his wife Jessie were born and raised in Alabama and Florida respectively. After marrying in 2000, they moved to Austin, Texas, where their love for and enjoyment of cities began to grow. Over the past eight years, especially while in seminary, they developed not only a love for big cities, but also a desire to be involved in urban church planting.

The Steadman family were members of Providence when he was in seminary.  The opportunity to serve as church planting intern for Park Slope became the perfect next step for them following graduation from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Brian and Jessie, with their children Georgia and Eben, moved to Brooklyn in August 2008.  He was ordained and now is working on planting a new church in the Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY.  You can read about it here.

Georgia (15) started her freshman year of high school at Laguardia fall 2017 in their visual arts studio and is thriving. She has an hour and half commute to the Upper West Side of Manhattan every morning at 6:30AM, which means she is now more of a New Yorker than the rest of us. Eben (12) is in his crucial seventh grade year of middle school and is working hard to make sure he has the grades and test scores needed for the grueling high school application process that starts fall 2018. Claire (8) transitioned to the school down the street from us for her third grade year. Claire faces many challenges at school, but is glad to be at the same school her older siblings have attended and at least a shorter school day than the charter school she went to for K-2nd grade. Jessie works full time by piecing together a number of part time jobs while also taking care of her four children (yes, that includes Brian). Brian is currently pursuing a full time job in order to become a bi-vocational pastor as the church plant needs more time to grow into being able to afford a full time pastor. 

Shane Gibson - New Orleans, LA

Family & Bel-Air

Shane Gibson grew up in a suburb of Dallas and attended Texas State University where he graduated with a major in philosophy and minor in history. While in school he worked for a compassion organization called New Start where he was the coordinator of an after school program for underprivileged kids in Austin. He married Kim in 2002 and moved to St. Louis to enroll at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Shane and his family were members of Providence when he was in seminary. He served as a Pastoral Intern during that time.  He graduated from seminary with a Masters in Divinity. They have four children.

Rev. Shane Gibson and his family moved to New Orleans in the summer of 2007 to partner up with Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Uptown and to head up their disaster relief ministry. A year later, Shane was ordained as an assistant pastor of Redeemer with the hope of planting a church in a different neighborhood when Redeemer was ready. That hope and dream became a reality in January 2015 when we launched St. Peter's with a team of people from Redeemer to love and serve the Mid-city/Bayou St. John neighborhood.

Learn more about the ministry of Shane and St. Peter's Presbyterian Church here