We invite you to join us for Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, or our Sunday Evening Prayer Service. Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 9:30 AM.  Sunday education classes for all ages begins at 11:10 AM, but is suspended in the Summer months (June–August). Our Evening Prayer Service is at 6 PM on most Sunday nights. We also have pot luck dinners every two months or so after the evening service in the Winter and cookouts on the church parking lot on most evenings in the Summer months (see calendar for cookout nights).

Our Schedule

  • COVID19 Temporary Schedule
  • Early Morning Service – 9:00 AM
  • Late Morning Service – 10:45 AM
  • Sunday School for all ages – 11:10 AM (suspended May 20-August 26)
  • Evening Service – 6 PM (3 Sundays a month - check the calendar or email us to get on our weekly mailing list).  There will be no evening services during the virus crisis.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Churches commonly include a brief summary of “what to expect” for prospective visitors.  That is all well and good, as long as we don’t exaggerate what someone may experience here on Sunday morning or give you the impression that we are the most incredible, exciting church community in St. Louis. The purpose of the following information is not to “market” the church to you, as if you are merely a “religious consumer.”  It is simply to give an accurate overview of what you as a visitor will likely experience on Sunday.

If you visit us on Sunday morning, you should expect....

   Liturgical Worship

Worship at Providence follows the same biblical pattern every week.  It's the order revealed in the Scriptures of how the Lord graciously draws people near to himself and gives them his gifts.  The Lord calls us into His presence, we kneel, confess our sins and are purified, we ascend with hymns and praise, we are taught by the reading & preaching of the Scriptures, we offer ourselves though tithes and offerings, the Lord renews his covenant with us in the Lord's Supper, and we are sent out into the world once again with Christ's blessing. For more information see Pastor's Meyers's short Worship Guide.

   Scripture Readings

We believe that the Bible is the the living, unfailing, and absolutely true Word of God. The Lord establishes and maintains his personal relationship with us through this Word.  This is why the worship service, our Christian education classes, and all of our other events are saturated with the Word of God.  Scripture is where we hear of the Father’s love and grace, and the gift of forgiveness of sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit empowers us for the difficulties of Christian living as we hear, read, pray, sing, and meditate on his Word.

   Traditional Music

The Holy Spirit has guided and inspired the Church through the ages to compose music that is fitting for the Divine Service.  Our music at Providence draws on the Psalms, hymns, and anthems that have passed the test of time.  The Psalms and hymns we sing are "traditional," but that does not mean they are boring or uninspiring. We believe that Sunday worship music should be robust, passionate, and meaningful. We sing with piano, organ, and choir accompaniment, and have other classical and acoustic instruments accompany certain anthems throughout the year.

Expository Preaching

Too many churches have succumbed to the watered-down, topical sermon about current events or the "how to get rich with Jesus" self-help talks with one or two Bible verses sprinkled in for good measure. At Providence, expect expositions of the Bible that explain the Scriptures paragraph by paragraph, with explanations of the text’s meaning and significance for faithful Christian living.

Acceptance By God

Above all, expect to be graciously served by God Himself with gifts of knowledge, wisdom, nourishment, love, and acceptance as you hear His Word and participate in the entire worship service with humility and receptivity.  The Gospel or Good News is that God has loved us so much that his Son became a man, lived, taught, suffered, died, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and all for us.  We don't earn God's favor. God bestows his favor on us freely. We are simply called to trust him for deliverance from sin and guilt, both in this life and the life to come.

   Fellowship with Believers

We have a time for coffee and fellowship between worship & Sunday School every Sunday morning. This is a time where we can get to know visitors and each other better. Expect to be warmly welcomed by members of Providence when you visit. Please join us for coffee in the Fellowship Hall after the morning worship service so that we can get to know you better! We would love your help in incorporating you into our community.  There are plenty of other opportunities for establishing meaningful friendships—Bible studies, men's and women's fellowships, parish group meetings, common meals, and other events.

Biblical Teaching

We have Christian education classes for all ages, meeting at 11:10 AM after our worship service and fellowship time. Our Sunday school classes provide a more informal, small group setting for all members of our congregation to learn and discuss biblical stories and instruction. Children's choir and Sunday school classes meet in the educational wing.  Our current adult Sunday School class meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Normal Flawed People

We are normal people with all sorts of gifts, flaws, sins, challenges, vocations, and difficulties, who are striving to serve God and love one another sincerely. We are not a "holier than thou" people. Expect to find a community that confesses the crucified but risen Jesus Christ to be at the center of our lives, trusting Him for the forgiveness of sins and the promise of an abundant life, both now and after death.

Weekly Communion

We believe that the sacrament of the Lord's Supper is the climax of the worship service, when we're strengthened as a congregation through the renewal of God's Covenant with us.  The reason the Lord invites us into his presence as his people is so that we can share a meal with him and experience nourishment, acceptance, and power for living.  When we eat and drink together with Jesus he gives us his life-giving, glorified body as nourishment as we eat bread, as well as refreshing us with "the blood of the new covenant" as we drink from the cup of wine.  If you don't fully understand what all that involves, well, neither do we.  These are miraculous gifts that defy human logical explanation.  Even so, we trust that the Lord gives us exactly what he promises in the Communion meal.

For further explanation regarding our beliefs and our worship, visit our About Us pages.